Chattanooga Community Relations

Volkswagen Chattanooga is committed to supporting organizations that improve the quality of life in our community. We care deeply about our employees, partners and the places we call home. Corporate giving and involvement in our communities is deeply rooted in our culture, and we believe that vibrant public-private relationships are critical to a strong, sustainable economic future.

Charitable Giving

Our commitment to community support is enhanced by a new vision which reflects our values and funding priorities for 2019:


Tomorrow’s leaders and our future employees are shaped by the educational environment today. Volkswagen Chattanooga’s support for public education emphasizes learning activities associated with STEM and robotics programs that encourage students to develop their full potential, and those that improve workforce skills.


We believe in stewardship of Tennessee’s natural resources, and protecting the water and air quality of our region. A sustainable environment that is pleasant to live in gives a region the edge in competition for business, boosts local employees’ quality of life, and makes us more attractive as an employer. Volkswagen Chattanooga supports programs that:

  • Protect air, land and water resources
  • Preserve natural resources
  • Teach environmental stewardship to children and adults


Volkswagen Chattanooga supports projects which demonstrate a great benefit the entire community: those which directly impact, enhance and enrich the quality of life for Chattanoogans. This focus area includes arts and culture charities which promote cultural excellence and preserve artistic and cultural heritage. We help ensure that our artistic and cultural past and present continues to be accessible, enjoyed and preserved. Organizations that create sustainable community improvement will receive priority.


Our goal is to be recognized as a top company for diversity and inclusion practices. Part of our diversity effort involves partnering with organizations which promote diversity and help underserved communities.

Event Sponsorships

Volkswagen Chattanooga sponsors a limited quantity of events each year, selecting those that resonate with our business strategies to enhance visibility with our customers, key stakeholders, employees and the communities where we live, work and do business.

All sponsorship requests are evaluated against four general criteria:

  • Tangible benefits associated with the partnership
  • Opportunity to create long-term value
  • Ability to reach targeted audiences and build relationships
  • Positive exposure for Volkswagen Chattanooga

Conference Center Availability

As part of our commitment as a community partner, we are pleased to offer use of our Conference Center to organizations with which we have a connection at no cost.

Use of the Conference Center must be requested by a Volkswagen employee, who will work with the organization to complete the application. Although there is no fee to use the conference center, Volkswagen Chattanooga must be listed as a presenting sponsor of the event.


Requests for contributions or sponsorships must be submitted electronically (see “Review Process” section). Requests should include:

  • Evidence of tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the IRC.
  • Amount of funds requested.
  • Description of intended use of requested funds, who will benefit and how.
  • Overall budget of related program.
  • Description of how the organization will measure results and report outcome of the use of funds being requested.

The charitable contributions program does not support:

  • Individuals
  • Religious, fraternal, service and veteran organizations except for non-sectarian social service activities available to the broader community
  • Projects and activities with a purpose that is solely athletic in nature
  • Organizations linked to a particular health problem
  • Political candidates, campaigns or organizations

Only one solicitation from an organization will be processed during each calendar year.

Application and Review Process

Charitable Contributions: Volkswagen Chattanooga proactively seeks strategic partnerships with community organizations, therefore the majority of our annual giving efforts are initiated proactively to maximize our impact. Proposals will be reviewed on a regular basis throughout the year. Requesting organizations should receive a response from Volkswagen Chattanooga within six to eight weeks of receipt of the inquiry. If there is a need for additional information, Volkswagen Chattanooga will contact the requesting organization directly. Requests for funding may be submitted by completing our Request for Funding Application. Mailed requests will not be considered. Please email your completed application form and any supporting materials to

Event Sponsorships: Applicants should allow six months to one year between application and the sponsored event to provide time for negotiating agreements and to enable Volkswagen Chattanooga to appropriately plan our participation. Requests for funding may be submitted by completing our Request for Funding Application. Mailed requests will not be considered. Please email your completed application form and any supporting materials to

Conference Center Use: Organizations with a connection to Volkswagen should reach out to their point of contact to obtain the application form and general use policy. Applications should be submitted through the point of contact for consideration.