California Supply Chain Policy

Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

Statement Pursuant to California Transparency in Supply Chains Act


At Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (“VWGoA”), we respect internationally recognized human rights and support the observance of these rights.  We reject all deliberate use of forced or compulsory labor. Child labor is prohibited. We comply with all applicable employment laws, including the minimum age requirements for employment.

Volkswagen AG and Audi AG, which provide us with the cars and trucks we sell in the US, expressly reject and prohibit forced labor and child labor.  Further, they utilize strict codes of conduct in their supply chains, rejecting child and slave labor and requiring ethical conduct and compliance with laws in all relevant areas.

VWGoA contracts for goods and services in the US with reputable companies that must have internal standards ensuring their employment practices comport with US laws, including those that prohibit slavery and human trafficking.  Our supplier selection process includes inquiries into prospective suppliers’ compliance with applicable law.

VWGoA requires its suppliers, their personnel and subcontractors to comply with all applicable laws, including rules, regulations, orders, conventions, ordinances and standards. Specifically, VWGoA suppliers must represent and warrant as follows: “Supplier and its Personnel, Affiliates and Subcontractors will abide by the highest ethical standards. Neither Supplier nor any of its Subcontractors will utilize slave, child, prisoner or any other form of forced, involuntary or illegal labor, or engage in abusive worker treatment or corrupt business practices in the sale of Goods or provision of Services . . . .” Violation of the foregoing would be considered a breach of contract, and VWGoA would cease doing business with any such supplier.