VWGoA Statement on Racial Equality

Black Lives Matter. The killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are devastating reminders of the work we must do to create a future where racism no longer exists.

Volkswagen Group of America supports our Black employees and Black communities, who are feeling the pain and devastation of these events.

First, we will take a serious look at our own house. We'll continue to listen to our colleagues to ensure we have a workforce that better represents America. VWGoA will create a Diversity & Inclusion Committee on our Board of Directors, chaired by our President and CEO. This is a necessary step but far from sufficient. We refuse to let another day pass where Black people do not feel respected, valued, and heard.

We've been here before as a nation, but this feels different. It's a time of societal change – change that we, as a company and as a community, have the power to bring about.